Who we are

At Sandtown, we believe that when we gather to worship we are simply expressing our love to God. As we sing, as we pray, as we give, as we listen to the sermon, as we enjoy being together, or as we do anything else, we are telling our great God and Savior how much we adore and appreciate Him.

Much of our worship time is led by a band--presently consisting of a keyboard, guitar and electric drums. (We look forward to adding more instruments as God blesses!)  

On Sunday mornings, we sing a mixture of hymns (of all styles) and some contemporary praise music. On Sunday nights, we have a more contemporary worship service where the music sounds more like what you hear on Christian contemporary radio today.

Multi-media is a regular part of both worship services.  

The way we express our worship at Sandtown is as varied as the people who attend here week in and week out. But however it is expressed, one thing remains constant: we just want God to know that we love Him and that we desire to experience His presence.  

Join us! Come experience the reality of the Living God!